IIT-JEE/NEET are highly competitive exams that require consistent and dedicated efforts. You must spend most of your day studying to prepare and excel for IIT-JEE or NEET. A student appearing for IIT-JEE or NEET must cover the entire syllabus and practice the concepts regularly. Spending long hours preparing for these exams can be physically and emotionally challenging. Students can face difficulty understanding complex concepts or face performance anxiety. This can result in self-doubt among students. Therefore, the students need constant motivation.

Motivation helps keep a positive mindset, stay focused during long study hours, and maximize productivity and retention. A motivated student will be determined to put in the effort even when they face difficulties and setbacks. Motivation enables students to bounce back from failures, learn from their mistakes, and stay committed to their goals.

How to Stay Motivated During IIT-JEE/NEET Exams-

  • Create a positive study environment- It is crucial for a student to create a positive study environment. It will keep them calm and focused on studying. Students should study in silence, having no disturbance from outside noise. They should keep their desk and the surrounding area clean and organized.
  • Set daily targets– Looking at the vast syllabus can make students feel demotivated. Therefore, it is crucial to set achievable daily targets. This way, students will have daily tasks to complete without getting distracted. Achieving these targets will fuel their motivation.
  • Follow a timetable- Creating a timetable can be very helpful for students. It helps them manage their time between the various subjects, learning and practising the concepts. With the help of a timetable, students have a dedicated time slot for all their daily tasks, and it also helps them keep a check on their progress.
  • Take breaks- Prolonged study sessions can be tiring; thus, students should take short breaks between studies to keep their minds fresh. It will increase their focus and retention of topics while preventing them from feeling overwhelmed. However, these breaks should be short, and they should ensure they start studying immediately after these breaks.
  • Exercise and meditate daily- A healthy mind rests in a healthy body! Students should exercise and meditate daily in the morning. It will make them feel fresh while improving their concentration and memory retention. IIT-JEE or NEET exams can have a toll on their mental health. Exercise and meditation can help with the anxiety they can get while preparing for the exams.
  • Surround yourself with positive influence- During IIT-JEE or NEET preparations, students will meet many people with a negative mindset. They should avoid them at all costs. They should surround themselves with people who motivate them instead. These can be their family members, mentors, friends, etc. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals will keep their spirits high and motivated. At Kalpavriksha, we provide a well-structured study plan that helps students organize their preparations. It helps create a sense of direction for the students and motivates them. Our experienced teachers provide the students with personal attention and guidance and can help them with any problem they face during their preparations. We conduct regular tests and give students time to analyze them. It helps them understand where they stand on specific topics and what improvements are needed. We also provide students with regular feedback that helps them identify their areas of weakness. We provide them with guidance to help them improve in those areas. All this will help them improve their performance over time. Seeing this improvement gives them a sense of accomplishment and keeps them motivated.

Results of Kalpavriksha-

Our results reflect the success of our teaching method. In the last nine years, we have created more than 800 IITians in Indore. In JEE Advanced 2023, 9 ranks under 1000 AIR in the General category were from Kalpavriksha, 13 students under the top 20 ranks in Indore, and 104 students under 10000 AIR in the General category out of 486 who appeared, were from Kalpavriksha.

There were 10 selections under 1000 AIR from Kalpavriksha out of 22 total selections from Indore in JEE Advanced in 2019. MP state and Kanpur zone girls who topped JEE Advanced 2019 studied at Kalpavriksha.

We achieved the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd city ranks in JEE Advanced 2018. Another student from Kalpavriksha scored the first city rank in JEE Advanced 2017. The All India Girls Rank 1 was backed by a student at Kalpavriksha in JEE Advanced 2015. The students’ and parents’ reviews have also been positive.

We at Kalpavriksha believe that a motivated student can achieve whatever he sets his mind to. Therefore, we always make sure that no student feels demotivated. Hence, we provide constant support and personal attention to every student. We also provide them with the study environment they need to stay motivated. And we stay motivated by seeing our students’ success.

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