IIT-JEE is a very competitive exam, with lakhs of students appearing for it, and a nearly 1% selection ratio. JEE demands a massive amount of hard work and determination. The students need to devote a lot of their time to their studies. With the long hours that have to be spent on JEE preparation, we cannot neglect school studies. Thus, managing time for a JEE aspirant can become challenging.

In this blog, we are going to look at some ways in which JEE aspirants can manage their time between school and JEE preparation effectively.

Tips To Manage School Along With JEE Preparation

  • Follow a timetable-
    A timetable helps in bringing discipline into your life. Preparing a schedule and genuinely following it will ensure that you efficiently manage your time between school and JEE preparation.
  • Set regular targets-
    Regular targets provide you with a sense of direction. When you break down the syllabus of JEE into small, manageable portions, you will feel less anxious and more motivated towards achieving them. It will allow you to prepare a study plan. It also helps you to track your progress over a period of time.
  • Surround yourself with other students preparing for JEE-
    Surrounding yourself with JEE aspirants will help you avoid distractions and remain connected to your preparations, even at school. Together, you can solve problems, clarify doubts, share study materials, and test each other. This will help in creating an environment that will be motivating and will push you to work harder.
  • Focus on your lectures-
    Your lectures cover the fundamental concepts from the JEE syllabus, which serve as a building block for further studies. Attending lectures also allows you to receive direct instructions from experienced teachers who can explain complex problems and clarify your doubts.
  • Be regular in your studies-
    Being regular in your studies will ensure that you cover your syllabus in the available time frame. It ensures that you have sufficient time for your revision. When you are regular in your studies, you will be able to solve more problems, which will help strengthen the concepts.
  • Utilize the time available at your school-
    Any free time you get at your school is an opportunity for you to study for JEE. utilise breaks, free lectures, and travel time to school for quick revision, solving practice questions, or reading study materials. Small, significant efforts throughout the day accumulate to make a significant difference in your preparations.
  • Stay away from distractions-
    The students get distracted from their goals very easily. You should stay away from social media, television, computer games or any such distractions. It may feel like you are giving yourself a break for a while, but you lose track of time. It will be even more harmful if it becomes an addiction. Therefore, it is better to stay away from these distractions, at least during preparation.
  • Prioritise and delegate-
    Identify your priorities and make informed decisions about where to allocate your time and energy. Determine which school assignments or tasks require your immediate attention and which can be managed later. Take out some time for your school assignments and tasks that are important and work on them regularly. Do not wait for the submission date to come closer. This will only increase your stress and deviate you from JEE preparation, breaking the flow.
  • Take care of yourself-
    It is important to maintain your physical and mental well-being during this demanding period. You should get sufficient sleep, exercise daily, meditate, keep yourself hydrated, and eat healthy. Taking care of yourself will ensure that you study effectively and stay focused on both your JEE preparations and school responsibilities.
  • Give regular tests-
    You must give regular JEE-level tests for checking your level of preparation, as apart from lectures real preparation is obtained by regular tests. It gives you an idea about real paper. Start from simple level sources, then do tough level ones, After some time give time-bound tests, and leave lengthy questions in the timeframe and come back later to solve them.

Finding a balance may require occasional adjustments, and you need to be more flexible and adaptable. You can balance your JEE preparations and school successfully by staying organized and disciplined, managing your time effectively, and maintaining a positive mindset.

Our schedule at Kalpvriksha consists of regular classes, time for self-study, mock tests, and analysis. This covers everything required for your JEE preparation and will help to maintain a balance between school and JEE preparation.

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