Droppers NEET Program at the Best NEET Institute in Indore

Legacy of Excellence:

Kalpavriksha Institute, a renowned name in the field of competitive exams, has been a pioneer in shaping success stories for 15 years. Having excelled in the JEE segment and produced a stream of IITians over the years, we take immense pride in extending our legacy to NEET as well. Following our legacy in JEE, by the same methodology, We had excellent selection ratio and result in NEET 2023,22,21 as well.

Tailored for Success: 13-Hour Study Program

Our Droppers NEET program is meticulously designed to provide an unparalleled learning experience. The cornerstone of this program is our 13-hour daily study schedule, crafted to optimize every moment for maximum efficiency.


8:00 AM to 2:00 PM: Regular Classes

Engage in comprehensive learning with our expert faculties during the morning session.

2:00 PM to 2:30 PM: Lunch Break

Recharge your energy with a brief break before diving into the afternoon study session.

2:30 PM to 5:00 PM: Self-Study

Utilize this time for self-paced learning, reinforcing concepts covered in class.

5 to 9 PM :-- Daily Tests & Analysis

Regular assessments ensure a continuous evaluation of your progress. Our unique approach includes 4-5 tests for each topic in every subject, allowing you to strengthen your foundation and excel at every level.

DCS (Doubt Clearing Sessions)

Address your queries and solidify your understanding through dedicated doubt-clearing sessions.DCS is also taken by senior faculties only,We also provide backup facility for students who were absent because of valid reason.

Efficient Syllabus Coverage:

In our Droppers NEET 13-hour program, we pride ourselves on delivering the syllabus in the most efficient, systematic, and expedited manner. From basics to advanced levels, our curriculum ensures a thorough understanding of every concept.

Holistic Test Series:

To prepare you for the challenges of NEET, our program includes regular subject-wise tests and full-length tests totaling 720 marks. These assessments serve not only as a reality check but also as a robust mechanism for subject strengthening.

Comprehensive Support System:

Expert Faculties:

Benefit from the guidance of seasoned educators with years of experience, top-notch results, and the best selection ratio in NEET in Madhya Pradesh.

Counseling Sessions:

Receive personalized counseling and motivational sessions to navigate your academic journey effectively.Regular results are sent to parents and PTM’s are arranged accordingly.

Backups and DCS:

Life happens, and we understand. That's why we offer backup options for missed classes, ensuring you stay on track.

At Kalpavriksha Institute, we are committed to nurturing your potential, guiding you toward success, and building a legacy of excellence in NEET. Join us on this transformative journey!