A mentor plays a very important role in IIT-JEE preparations. A mentor helps students in achieving tasks and increasing academic performance. They offer the best guidance, expertise, motivation, and support to JEE students. They will guide them by showing them the correct path toward success. Having a good mentor has a positive impact on a student, and they feel more confident about achieving what they dream of.

With the mentor’s knowledge of the subjects, they explain the concepts to the students, clarify doubts, and provide resources for the preparation of JEE. They also analyze the performance of students and help them with their weaker areas. Apart from this, they provide the necessary motivation, support, and encouragement throughout the preparation journey.

How the Mentors of Kalpavriksha Help Students-

  • Guidance and Support: The mentors are an important source of guidance and support for their students. The mentors at Kalpavriksha have a deep understanding of the exam and therefore can provide the students with the best plan to prepare for the IIT-JEE exams. They also offer emotional support to the students and motivate them during challenging times.
  • Knowledge of Subjects: Our mentors have proficient knowledge of the subjects. They provide an easy explanation of complex concepts for the students. They clarify all the doubts and provide resources to practice those concepts to help strengthen students’ understanding of the topics.
  • Exam strategy and time management: Our experienced mentors can share valuable insights on exam patterns, marking schemes, and solving techniques. They provide tips on how to approach different questions and how to manage time efficiently in exams.
  • Mentoring beyond academics: We at Kalpavriksha believe that our role doesn’t end at the exam; we go beyond. Students after the exam can have doubts when they plan for their future. So, we guide students on their career choices and college selection.
  • Regular feedback: The mentors at Kalpavriksha regularly provide feedback to the students. They help the students identify their weak areas and give guidance on improving those weak areas.
  • Personal attention from the directors: The directors of Kalpavriksha want every student to succeed and fulfil their dreams. For this, they provide constant support to all the students at Kalpavriksha. They analyze all their students’ strengths and weaknesses with the help of tests. From time to time, they call each student for a one-on-one meeting so that they can provide the students with any guidance that they need. They also provide these students with feedback on their performance and areas for improvement.
    Kalpavriksha takes the success of its students seriously. We believe that when a student gets the guidance they deserve, they will conquer everything they set their mind to. The parents have put their faith in Kalpavriksha as well, and we believe we have lived up to these expectations.


Kalpavriksha’s student testimonials:

“Faculties at Kalpavriksh are really helpful and understanding. Vijit sir and Gitika ma’am interact with every student, and they closely monitor your performance in the tests. They call you personally if they see your performance degrading and talk to you to resolve your problems. They are really helpful when you feel demotivated and can cheer you up.” -Valaya Ramchandani, MP State and Kanpur Zone topper 2019

“Vijit Sir and Gitika Ma’am put extreme efforts, including those of other teachers, into taking 100% from every single student studying here.” Arpit Prajapat, Indore city topper 2017

“All thanks to my teachers and director, who guided me throughout my preparation and motivated me to do better every time.” Adi Jain, batch 2021-22

“At Kalpavriksha, they teach us not only subjects under the guidance of an expert teacher team but also about the importance of discipline in life, which played a key role in my success.” Shalu Krole, batch 2021-22

“An institute that made my dream a reality. The dream of getting into top-notch IITs was made real by the supportive, kind, and strict disciplinarian teachers here. Achieving this feat requires a huge amount of hard work and consistent efforts, which are aided by the teaching pattern and schedule at Kalpavriksha.” -Ansh Choudhry, batch 2021-22

The students and their parents who have joined the Kalpavriksha family have been very happy with our mentors. They believe that it is the guidance of the mentors at Kalpavriksha that has played a crucial role in the student’s success. These responses only motivate us to create more success stories.

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