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Your children are your legacy who represents you and your values on the ground to this world. And preparing them to confront the life’s up and down is your responsibility. You are their first guide to introduce the world to them. Similarly choosing the right path is always confusing…

Like choosing the best IIT JEE coaching institute is also a chaotic task because there are many options available and cut throat competition is in trend.

Coaching institute plays a crucial  role in shaping the career of students and when it comes to competitive exams, it becomes even more important. Competitive exams are thoroughly different from school exams.

The most significant difference between competitive exams and school exams is that in schools there is competition among only 70-100 student while in competitive  entrance exams competition is there between lakhs of students.

So here we are to help you to choose the best institute for your children to  prepare for joint entrance exam i.e. IIT JEE. There are few things which should be considered while choosing coaching institute for the preparation of your child to get into IITs.

Know How To Choose the best IIT JEE Coaching INSTITUTE


Teacher plays the most important role in the preparation of your children in any examination. As experienced teachers are considered to be most competent because they have their own methodology of teaching. Teachers should have ability to motivate students to perform better.

So it is really important for the parents to discuss and communicate with teachers while visiting coaching institute.


Past results are the most basic criteria to judge the competence of a coaching institute. The best way to analyze the track record of past years result is by communicating with the previous years candidate and parents who were the part of that institute.


Relevant study material has the most crucial role in deciding the future of your children. Study material should be up to date and competent in clearing the concepts. The difficulty level of the Study material should match with level exams. So you should discuss and verify the study material of respective coaching institute in which you are going to enroll your child.


Before enrolling your child to any institute, one must ensure the interior and infrastructure of the institute . Class strength is also a important factor in your children’s learning because more strength means less attention of teacher and it will lead to less understanding  of concepts so one must ensure it before enrolling their child in any coaching institute.

Here at Kalpavriksha you can rest assured for the above mentioned criteria while deciding the best IIT JEE coaching institute for the future of your children.