The journey to cracking competitive exams like JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is a challenging one, and it’s crucial to choose the right place for your preparation. While Kota has been the traditional hub for IIT-JEE and NEET coaching, Indore is emerging as a formidable alternative. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why Indore is gaining popularity as the preferred destination for JEE/NEET preparation over Kota.

Indore: The Emerging Education Capital
Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh, is gradually transforming into an education hub. Known for its rich cultural heritage, Indore is now making a name for itself in the field of competitive exam coaching. Here’s why Indore is considered the new education capital:

a. Quality Coaching Institutes: Indore boasts a growing number of coaching institutes that provide top-notch JEE and NEET coaching. These institutes have highly qualified faculty and a track record of producing successful candidates.

b. Innovation in Teaching: Indore coaching centers have been quick to adopt modern teaching techniques and technology, ensuring that students receive the best education possible.

c. Supportive Ecosystem: The city’s educational ecosystem is conducive to learning, with libraries, study centers, and a thriving student community.

Exceptional Facilities

Indore offers several advantages in terms of facilities that make it a more comfortable and convenient choice for aspirants:

a. Transportation: Indore has an excellent transportation network, including well-connected roads and railways. The Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport provides easy access to the city, making it accessible for students from all over the country.It is well connected by other cities and towns of mp,maharashtra,up and other states.

b. Accommodation: The city offers a wide range of accommodation options, from hostels to paying guest facilities and rental apartments, catering to various budgets.

c. Food: Indore is renowned for its culinary delights. Students can enjoy a wide variety of affordable and tasty food options in every part of city, from street food to restaurants serving different cuisines.

d. Safety: Indore is considered one of the safest cities in India, which is a significant concern for parents and students alike.

The Kalpavriksha Institute Advantage
One of the key reasons why Indore is gaining prominence in JEE/NEET coaching is the presence of institutes like Kalpavriksha Institute. Let’s delve into what sets Kalpavriksha Institute apart:

a. Proven Results: Kalpavriksha Institute has consistently produced top-ranking students in JEE and NEET. Its track record speaks for itself, instilling confidence in students and parents alike.In past years kpv had produced various city and state toppers in jee,in 2023 104 out of 486 appeared students had cleared jee advanced under 10,000 general rank,also kpv is proving to produce best selection ratio in neet ug as well.

b. Experienced Faculty: The institute boasts a team of experienced and dedicated faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.All faculties have vast experience of 10-30 years, They provide personalized attention and mentorship to students.

c. 13-Hour Program: Kalpavriksha Institute’s 13-hour program is designed to cover the entire day comprehensively. This program includes classroom sessions, daily tests and self study hours, ensuring that students make the most of their time.kpv has started 13 hour program in india and it is now being followed by many institutes.

d. Best Selection Ratio: Among the numerous institutes in Indore offering a 13-hour program, Kalpavriksha Institute stands out with its exceptional selection ratio. This means a higher chance of success for students.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience
The 13-hour program offered by Kalpavriksha Institute and other coaching centers in Indore is a unique feature that caters to the holistic development of students. Here’s how this program benefits aspiring JEE/NEET candidates:

a. Structured Schedule: The program ensures that students have a well-structured daily routine, which is essential for effective exam preparation.

b. Regular Assessments: Continuous assessment through periodic tests and mock exams helps students track their progress and identify areas that need improvement.

c. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Dedicated time for doubt clearing ensures that students’ queries are addressed promptly, enhancing their understanding of complex topics.

d. Study Environment: Institutes like Kalpavriksha Institute provide a conducive study environment, minimizing distractions and fostering a focused approach to learning.


Indore is fast becoming the preferred destination for JEE/NEET preparation over Kota, owing to its emerging status as an education capital, exceptional facilities, and institutes like Kalpavriksha Institute that offer proven results and comprehensive learning experiences. If you aspire to crack JEE or NEET and are considering your options, Indore deserves a serious look. It’s a city where you can not only achieve your academic goals but also enjoy a comfortable and enriching learning journey. Make the smart choice and embark on your path to success in Indore.

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